AFAB Machinery and Tools Ltd, A professional innovative manufacturer in sheet metal working machinery, A well known worldwide supplier located in DongGuang ,China. AFAB continue to adhere to principles and to supply the market with user-friendly and high performance products.AFAB creates innovative products to be China High Tech Enterprice, also achieved more patents.AFAB presents a new products range covering CNC punch tooling,notching,cliching,rivet,welding and extraction system.
Fully Auto punch die grinder for thick turret tooling,trumpf tooling,murata tooling, salvagnini tooling. To sharpen punch and die quickly, high precision and easily.
*Self clinching machine with hydraulic power driving supply inserting job in safety,sufficient tonnage,and automation solution.
*Auto feed riveter solved difficulty of traditional manual working condition. Automative riveting system provide high quality and high efficiency.
*Notching machine is a popular essential equipment for cutting sheet. Best price and high performation satisfied for most customers
*Extraction system dedicates improve air quality and factory environment.
AFAB devote to supply machines and tools in utility,efficiency and environmental protection.

Auo punch die grinder

Fully Auto Punch Die Grinder

self clinching

Sel-clinching machine

auto feed rivet

Auto feed riveter

Notching machine

Notching machine

Corner grinder

Corner welder

Extraction system

Extraction system